Movie Ferret

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What is Movie Ferret?

Movie Ferret aims to help you find a movie to watch quickly and easily.

You specify the criteria. You will see the top rated movies that suit. Mark the movies you've already seen or aren't interested in, so they're gone from your list. This way any new movies that fit your criteria are added to your list and you don't have to continually look through movies you've already seen or aren't interested in seeing. You can save your default filtered list so it's ready to go next time you log in.

Movies are ordered according to an aggregation formula taking into account IMDB and Rotten Tomato ratings, as well as making adjustments based on time since release and number of votes.

Know what services stream the movie

Movies that are available on Netflix or free to watch on Amazon Prime are marked. You can filter your list to show only the movies on the services you have too.